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you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

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Aaron Wolf


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Nov 6 2014, 03:44 PM



Aeron stands at about 5'11" and has a semi muscular build. His eyes are a nice shade of green and his hair is dark spiky (shaggy when wet) with minor highlights. His skin is a fair white color. If he had a clothing choice preference, he'd choose blue jeans, plain t-shirts or muscle tops, and a nice leather jacket, leather trench, or jean jacket. He has other features but those will be disclosed in the alterations section.


Aaron was once the sweetest man a person could ever find, but when the war came and he was drafted and then taken in to supposedly do his country justice, it became hidden behind anger, pain, and grief. However, under the right conditions he can become that caring, loving, family devoted person once again. Yet being in Kryostone 13 makes that very difficult to be friendly or cuddly. He blames government and politics for all the corruption and not humans as a whole, but he will stray from most. Much of his love goes to those in pain much like himself if he even gets to see them.

To be honest he barely remembers the life he had before K13. His family, friends, and colleagues all but distant memories. Most old or dead by now. He loves being childish and rebutting against the grain on a constant basis with the people at K13 (most of them he wishes would go to hell). More often than not he's in a cranky mood and doesn't like to be pestered with stupidity. He believes that once he gets out that the government would pay for it insolence in taking people and messing with them. Aaron believes a new world order is in order and believes that those that cause the pain of anyone under the thumb of the wealthy currently will pay the piper when this change comes.

Likes: Older music, treats (food, items, other), causing hell
Dislikes: K13, government, himself
Strengths: Cunning, Stealthy, Creative
Weaknesses: Inner Compassion, Blood, Fighting
Fears: Pain, Experimentation, Humans
Dreams: Freedom, Love, Peace
Secret: His favorite tale is peter pan.


Alteration #1 - Vampirism

To construe fast healing and hard impact with weapons, the scientists of K13 turned poor Aeron into a vampire at first. What they didn't know until after they turned him and he became super moody, was that he was hiding the fact of his magi lineage. Hence he became a forced Sanguinarian by experimentation. The turning was horrible and they never fed him like they should have with blood. They wanted to make sure he'd "marinade" before they started on tier two. This change left him sitting in the dark most often because his senses were so heightened.

Alteration #2 - Shifting

In hopes to stifle the blood lust, K13 took the experimenting to the next stage by trying to add a shifter genome to the mix. What came from it was a painful experience of two opposing species fighting for dominance in one body. From then on Aeron turned into a huge black dire looking wolf that could be comparable to the grim hound. In this form he'd find pleasure in wanting to bite those that wanted to try and test him further. He was dubbed the title "The Wolf" for quite some time after that, or "Bad Wolf".

Alteration #3 - Angel Grace

Again to try and change his mood and motivation, they gave Aeron the next tier years later to see how he'd progress. The angels grace (which had been stolen), had given Aeron the ability to sprout wings as well as see on the trans plane the angels and demons for what they truly were. This also allowed him to read and speak languages he couldn't before even as a magi. The drawback is that his shoulders ache if he doesn't stretch his wings once and a while.

Alteration #4 - Demon Blood

Because the angel grace ended up mellowing him out too much, they counter acted it with giving him demon essence. Thus his body was once again thrust into dealing with two opposing species in his body. This almost killed him as a matter of fact, but the end result allowed him to cast hell fire, glow ember fire eyes, and it turned his wings charcoal black that faded into a murky grey at the tips. He could shadow portal (he only knows this because he dried inside a facility proofed room while being angry. It has also allowed him to defy gravity on walls and given him the extra ability to literally walk up a wall rather than climb it.

Alteration #5 - Essence of Fae

Giving him the essence of fae made him be able to sing like them. He can also open fae portals if he approached one as well if he were free to do so. Fae essence also gives him a keen mind and a very trickster way of doing things. The fae essence in all intense and purposes (because its from a dark fae) helps re boost the magic he lost before the experimentation began, just with a few added bonuses. It allows him to also sniff out other magic people and gives him the ability to be around children and lure them if someone wanted them to be.


Arcane Spells: Most if not all of Aaron's arcane magic comes from his family book which he does not currently have, nor does he have any of his families enchanted items.

Curse/Blessing: Curse...something Aaron would love to do to the people in K13, Bless....something he'd like to do for himself and for others around him who haven't pissed him off yet.

Divination: Something Aaron is not familiar with yet, but someday he will probably come in contact with it.

Potions: Doesn't know how to make any potions at this time.

Element: Aaron's birth element was spirit, but since then he has become acquainted to fire via demonic means.

Heal - Corrupt: Through the alterations this has been magnified ten fold and he can do either to another person and unlike normal magi can do it to himself as well.

Shield: Has not figured out how to conjure this yet on command but could possibly cast it on instinct.

Merlin Circle: Aaron doesn't know what this is nor has he ever used one, if he gets out he might start to take time to learn to focus.

Hex - Counter: This has never been done by Aaron, but it wouldn't be more more different than an angel or demon causing an instant reaction to something good or bad.

Incantation: This is something Aaron full on skipped over and will need an item later to help cool his jets when he gets out of K13 with.

Hand Magic: When casting any sorts of magic magi or non Aaron does this most often when he's not as pissed. Some of the things he does via hand he can't understand fully how he does it. Thus it makes him dangerous and why he can't cast magic of any sort outside the "Magic Box" as its called.

Thought Magic: At this time any magic cast via thought is something done out of either pure white hot anger aggression or pure desperation. None of the powers done via this way are anywhere near controlled and come at the most random times possible.

Other: Anything else is either an unstable element or is unknown at this time. (Game progression need to see details) Things such as his alterations in accordance to his magic are unclear and undefinable.


Aaron was born in September of 1919 on the east coast and lived with his parents just outside New York city, which back then wasn't as big of a deal as it is today. As a child he was a hard worker, did great in school, and had plenty of friends. No one knew that he had a secret to hide, that he was a Magi. Then again no one ever asked.

As a kid though, he learned his trade of magic from his parents. His parents were both witches, but something called him to be more and so he decided to be called a warlock when he became a teenager. He still tilled the land with his parents, but as time went on he was more drawn into being a loyal devotee of the American way, even if magic was something forever frowned upon. Magi seemed to be able to find the easiest way to get around that when it came to humans.

So at the age of 18 he decided to join the military. He thought their family's life was alright, but he thought they could have better, and with him joining the military they would have that better life than what they got. He was only a few years into his career when WWII started and it was only a year after that, that he was offered what was to be the job of his lifetime. Sadly he'd come to find out that this was not the case really at all.

He was never going to find out if his family was okay anymore, would never find out much about his brother or sister after he was gone, or never see the love of his life again. All those old happy memories were stripped from him the moment he decided to joint what was to be an elite force supposedly to take on the Germans during the war. Alpha Special Ops was to be the cutting edge and glory to military tactic, but it wasn't....until Aaron. It wasn't until Aaron that they thought they had a breakthrough. That the right mix of elements would work to make the perfect special agent. So they tried to duplicate this 6 times more with other elements to see if it had to be just the right matching of amounts, but even then , his and only his came out the best. He became know over time as many things such as "Wolf" or "Shadow" or "Lucky Seven" or just "Seven", but the alterations took longer than the war had lasted and so to use him for WWII was a bust, but they'd have him ready someday.

Too many years had gone by. He had forgotten who he was because of the experimentation, forgot about the outside world for the most part, but knew that there was one. They had abandoned the Alpha Project eventually and had gone onto bigger endeavors. Thus all Aaron became was just another inmate to the zoo. He was the only one of the forgotten 13 that stayed awake though (13 was never to be woke ever even if the others might someday due to him being highly dangerous in an unstable fashion). The only one to know that time has passed even at all and in that time he's had long enough to think of a way to plan revenge for all the evil K13 had ever done.

....He was going to get out....and he was going to tell the world the biggest secret of all....


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