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you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

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Katherine Makwa


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Nov 5 2014, 10:32 PM

Katherine never could figure out how the other patients had done it, had managed to disillusion themselves to the point they no longer saw their surroundings as a prison, but as a home. The scientists and guards were mistaken for fond caregivers, deeply concerned in the patients' well beings. Katherine audibly snorted causing a few heads to turn in her direction, but she merely met their content or discontent gazes with her own dark one. The thought that those around them actually cared for the inmates of Kryostone was laughable, all they were interested in was how the patients' reacted to the experiments and that they behaved enough that the world within the lab ran 'smoothly'.

Her knuckles whitened as she gripped the edge of her seat under her legs, her mind in a tizzy as she mentally scorned herself for being such a coward that she hadn't tried and escaped yet. All it took was a flashback to the pain she had endured, the various experiments administered to test her healing capability without painkillers despite some objections from the staff. But no one seemed brave enough to go against 'windigo' who appeared to be one of the head scientists, and it was his insistence that the testing would suffer if pain killers were allowed, so instead Katherine had suffered. The only good thing to come of it all, was they believed her to be broken, believed there was no way she would cause any kind of trouble, so they had started allowing her to join the others in one of the 'socializing' areas.

She wasn't stupid, she knew part of the reason they'd started bringing her to the area was in hopes she'd start to speak again, to open up to someone, but for the past month, all she did was sit in a chair, her white board set on another chair, propped against its' back, and threw her dry erase marker at a square she had drawn on it. They'd tried threats, had even taken the white board and marker away, but all it had accomplished was to cause Katherine to delve deeper into her memories, to try and focus on happier times in her life. So they'd reinstated her property, since the white board and hand gestures were all she would use to communicate with people, but still no one had been able to get her to speak.

She released the seat of her chair, her hands slightly numb as she picked up the marker in one hand and began to throw it at the white board, the only sound issuing from her isolated corner as the other patients kept their distance.
Sep 16 2014, 07:34 PM


Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds
And whose breath gives life to everyone,
Hear me.

I come to you as one of your many children;
I am weak .... I am small ... I need your wisdom
and your strength.
Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever
behold the red and purple sunsets
Make my hands respect the things you have made.
And make my ears sharp so I may hear your voice.
Make me wise, so that I may understand what you
have taught my people and
The lessons you have hidden in each leaf
and each rock.

I ask for wisdom and strength
Not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able
to fight my greatest enemy, myself.
Make me ever ready to come before you with
clean hands and a straight eye.
So as life fades away as a fading sunset.
My spirit may come to you without shame

Dark brown eyes that resemble deep pools one could lose themselves in rest within what appears to be a lightly tanned face, but was once described as light honey when the sun was allowed to kiss her skin. She stands at five feet six inches and what was once a fit and toned body can now only be loosely called "fit."

Long, dark maple colored locks hang to the middle of her back and is often wavy thanks to her common practice of braiding it every night before bed. Her face is most often solemn, but the traces of laughter lines are visible around her lips. She has one scar on her upper arm, a long white line, appears to be a stab wound.

Being confined to the labs of Kryostone has certainly had its' effect on Katherine. She was a lively, vibrant being who didn't mind the sound of her own voice and was willing to stand up for anyone who needed it. Thanks to the experience she's had at the hands of the one she calls 'windigo' she has chosen to be mute, only communicating through a whiteboard or hand gestures. She tends to keep to herself, usually sitting by herself with a solemn look on her face, despising those that try and make the situation better with a smile. And once where she cared for others and wanted to help them, now she thinks only of herself and watches for others that may help in her dream to escape.

the outdoors
hang gliding
roller coasters
horse back riding
hearing her clan's stories
sincere flattery
adrenaline rush

lab coats
small, enclosed spaces
reassurances that everything is going to be ok

Strong-willed-when she has the desire and drive to do something, she will do it thought it may take her some time

Working with others-as part of a clan and family that constantly relied on each other, she knows the worth of working with others, but she is willing to work alone if no one else shares her goal

Claustrophobic-she thrives on having room to run around so when she's punished and put in a small cell, her fear gets the best of her and she shuts down completely

Losing herself-it's been four years since she's seen or heard of her family and it's starting to take a toll to the point she's second guessing who she is

Eat up-in order to maintain her healing abilities, she has to eat -a lot- of meat and most of it raw. It can disgust her at times where she comes extremely close to throwing it up, but perhaps if she can ever shift again, it will balance itself out somehow

Pain Intolerance-even going through all these experiments, her pain threshold remains the same and this is what keeps her from trying to break out the most, because she knows what they'll do if she tries and doesn't make it

(Katherine doesn't know if she'll ever be able to shift and I would like to leave her bear abilities open and put them here as they are discovered and played out in threads)

1) The minds at Kryosotone 13 were able to develop a drug that must be administered every forty-eight hours and this drug targets her pain receptors, causing them to fire and flare to the point of intensity that she blacks out every time she tries to shift. Thus keeping her from shifting.

2)Through genetic manipulation, her healing ability has increased astronomically. She can regenerate limbs overnight without having to shift, she can give three times the amount of blood than a normal person could in one sitting without passing out, and stab wounds or bullet holes begin to knit in front of people's very eyes.

Even though she no longer has the ability to shift, she still has the abilities a shifter would have in human form, but they are very weak and growing weaker the longer she's kept from allowing her bear to have free reign. If there isn't an ability here that a normal shifter would possess, it is because it has weakened to the point that it's no different from a human.

Keen Eyesight-she can see about twice the distance a normal human can while in human form

Sensitive Hearing-if you're in the same room as her, she could hear your whispers, but anything farther than that and the sound would have to be as loud as a normal person needs it to be in order to hear it

Accelerated Healing-she can heal anything in human form as well as regenerate limbs, but the more severe the wound, the more time she needs and more food she needs


I wasn't always an inmate...
Katherine was born on March 5th, 1994 to her parents Zebi, of the bear clan, and Ayasha of the crane clan. Her birth was rejoiced, as is every birth among the bear clan, and a few days later, at the official naming ceremony, she was given her Anishinaabeg(Chippewa) name Keezheekoni which also became her middle name. Her parents decided on Katherine for her first name, often calling her Katie in her youth.

From day one Katie was immersed in her clan's culture, learning lessons in the sweatlodge orated by one of the clan's elders as well as learning what role the bear clan played within the various tribes. Bear clan members acted as police, patrollers, handling matters that required strength to do so, but they were also skilled medicine men and women, turning various local growing herbs into powerful medicines.

As she grew, she began to spend most of her time outdoors, preferring open spaces to anything confining, the forests surrounding her tribe's home, which was located close to Cadillac, MI, giving her just what she needed. She spent most of the time with her cousins, playing as all kids do, but also with her grandmother, one of the elders of the clan who would sit and teach the family Anishinaabemowin, their native language. Needless to say, Katie's early childhood holds fond memories that she often reflects on.

In due time, Katie attended school where she had to balance learning things society wanted her to know and what her clan wanted her to know. On top of all that, she kept mostly to her family and clan, the other students avoiding their company and when they did interact, it was often only to bully Katie and her family. This did not sit well with Katie and it wasn't long before she began to stand up for herself, landing in fights that were none of her fault but she would still get in trouble for. After her third indiscretion, it was her father who took her aside and gave her a life lesson on bullies, explaining bullies responded to strength, but it was in her best interest to alert a teacher or an adult instead of taking matters into her own hands. Katie did as she was told, but it didn't exactly reach home.

As she grew, Katie made it a point to stand up for those who couldn't, sometimes with fists thanks to the self defense lessons her older cousins taught her, but more often with words. She blossomed into a confidant, beautiful teenager and before long her parents brought her little brother into the world. Katie bonded with him instantly, and it was apparent the little boy preferred her as well. There was often a time when only Katie could soothe his cries and she loved it.

It was during this time that her other nature began to surface. One of her relatives had come to visit, hoping to see the new baby, Katie's mother was asleep and she alone watched her little brother, but she soon realized her relative had a cold and she refused to allow the person anywhere near the baby. Deeming Katie's behavior as overreacting, the relative tried to enter the home, but Katie put herself firmly between her relative and the home's interior. When the relative still refused to go, a deep warning growl poured forth from her lips, her eyes changing into something more animalistic. Scared and surprised at the noise, her mother woke with a start and hurried to the front door, only to see her daughter in the doorway, the sound coming from her while an astonished relative looked on. Ayasha approached her daughter, coaxing her back and after about a minute, Katie came to, not really sure what had happened.

She had to wait for her father to return home before she fully understood what was going on. He reminded her of those in the clan who were gifted enough to inherit not only the bear's spirit but also its' form. Thus she learned her father was one of them, and now she would be counted among the honored few. It was only a few days following the Katie underwent her first shift, the process relatively easy, and though she knew it was coming, she couldn't help but be nervous. She felt a need to dive deep into the forest, to reach somewhere deep in its' depths. Her father and one of her father's brothers along with two of her cousins accompanied her on her journey to keep an eye on her. She raced through the forest until she came upon a moonlit clearing, a small stream running nearby as her senses began to heighten, her eyesight and sense of smell being the first to pick up things she'd never notice with human eyes. And then the internal shift started, not causing pain, but foreign enough to cause her to cry out in surprise. When the uneasiness left her and she dared to take stock in her surroundings, she no longer saw with her human eyes nor walked on two human feet. When she looked down, two massive black paws stood firm on the earth and when she turned her gaze upwards once more, four black bears stood watching before she blacked out from sensory overload.

In this manner, with her father and other family members, and over the course of a year, Katie learned how to control her shifting, remain conscious in her bear form, and other ins and outs of being a shifter. At this time, about a month after her fourteenth birthday, the clan decided it was time for her to take her vision quest, a right among all those in the clan. For four days she fasted and on the eve of the fourth, she journeyed by herself into the forest, found a quiet spot and prayed. The vision she had, she has shared with no one, for they believed it was for that person and that person alone, but when she opened her eyes as the dawn kissed her eyelids, she was surprised to feel something in her hands and when she looked down, she found a few plantain leaves. She returned to the reservation, and presented the leaves to the group of elders who knew the girl's path was in medicine. A great celebration was held in which she was accepted into the tribe's bear shifter group, a sign that she was ready to begin learning the expectations of the path she had seen.

Thus the next two years were filled with public school, learning how to drive, learning various medicinal practices passed down in her tribe as well as a few modern remedies when things got too serious. She loved every busy minute, filling in her free time by playing with her little brother.

It all happened so fast
It's interesting how one's life can change drastically in an instant, but little thought is given to such things. It was a crisp night a month after her sixteenth birthday and she had been given permission to take the truck off the reservation, along with some of her cousins, and they headed into Cadillac, intending to see a movie and maybe grab dinner. The movie passed without incident and since spending time together back home sounded better than dinner, they all piled back in the truck and headed home. On their way, they came across what looked like a delivery truck with a flat tire and against her cousins wishes, she pulled over to help the woman, for it was a woman, out. She exited the vehicle, accompanied by one of her older male cousins and offered to help the woman. She was so happy, so relieved, that she stood and let Katie and her cousin do the work.

About halfway through screwing in a lug nut, Katie felt a sharp pain in her neck. When her hand instinctively went to the pain, she was surprised to pull away a dart with some type of feathers attached to it. Her gaze turned to the truck's window where she saw a vague silhouette, her cousin getting hit before she could say anything. Her gaze met her cousin's and they both knew they were in trouble. They called to the others in the truck, urging them to go, but it wasn't until the two passed out that her family's truck peeled away.

Upon waking, she found herself in a cage of some sort, her mind still in daze as she tried to remember all that had happened. She vaguely recalled being carried to the back of the delivery truck and laid down, but everything else was hazy. Her eyes shot open as she began to look for her cousin, calling his name over and over in the dark. When she finally heard a grunt in reply, she felt relieved and began to assess their situation. She tried everything she could think of, encouraged her cousin to do the same, she tried half-shifting and using her claws but the cage was steel and too small for her to fully shift. After awhile, she stopped, too tired to continue, but she had figured out they were going somewhere, the motion of the vehicle telling her that. She just hoped her family could find her.

Upon reaching Kryostone 13, learning its' name later, she was separated from her cousin and still hasn't found him, no matter how many people she asks or where she looks within the place. The first thing they did was put a tracker just behind her ear, clean her from head to toe, and don her in some type of hospital drab, looking clothes and then depositing her in a room. She first tried the door and when it was obvious it was locked, she went through every piece of the room, trying to find something to help her escape but there was the barest of items. She started to make as much noise as possible, demanding to know where she was, where her cousin was, and to let her go.

Needless to say she got no answer and soon went to sleep, wishing to conserve her energy. The next day brought an older gentleman bearing a plate of food. She'd later refer to him as windigo after one of the monsters in her clan's stories. He simply came in, set down the food, and turned a gaze on her that was filled with hate, disgust, and a little joy. "We've been waiting for you," was all he said before leaving. She'd been so surprised she hadn't reacted in time to try and escape, the door closing bringing her out of her daze. She eyed the food warily and deemed it possibly poisonous so she let it sit, as well as the other trays that were slid through some sort of hatch and that was how she passed her second day.

On the third, the experiments began. She was led into what looked like an exam room with a one way mirror and injected with a drug before they tried to induce her shifting. She needed little encouragement in that department and shifted quickly, digging her claws and teeth into whatever and whomever she could. Her tirade was short lived, a tranq dart piercing her skin and taking her down. A handful of people had to be hospitalized after that and the staff had learned not to be so cocky in their product and took extra precautions in the future.

Two whole years were spent this way, though she learned the food wasn't poison, and some of the workers weren't completely terrible, but she still raved in her room demanding answers as well as trying to find ways to escape on her own, her visiting other patients not allowed. Until the day they had gotten their drug right. For some time, she had realized that shifting was beginning to give her pain, just a little, but enough that it worried her. The fateful day started like the others, she was lead to the same exam room, injected, then left alone while they tried outside stimulus to get her to shift. It had become increasingly difficult, taking longer each time, but eventually they had triggered it, but instead of shifting, she began to cry out in complete agony. She felt like a thousand needles were piercing her brain in the exact same location and before she could scream or agonize anymore, she passed out cold. They had done it, they had kept her from shifting.

They continued their experiments, determining how long the drug worked and so on, to the point Katie fought with everything she had not to be taken to the exam room. She'd fight, drag her feet, do anything she could, but it didn't stop the treatment.

With the experiment a success, they left her alone for about a month, giving her a type of rest, but continuing to administer the drug, just not force her to change. During this time, Katie began to feel lost, like she no longer knew who she was. A part of her was closed off from her and it was taking its' toll. So Katie did the only thing she could think of, she stopped talking. She refused to speak to anyone and when she did, she spoke in her clan's native tongue and no one could understand her. She lived in her mind, recalling happy memories and going over all she'd been taught at the knee of her grandmother, and the tutelage of others. To communicate, the staff provided her with a white board and marker, deeming them harmful enough, and she would write her answers there or communicate with hand gestures.

After a month, she was once again visited by windigo and this time he would oversee all the experiments. The first thing they did was completely sedate her, putting her under, so she has no idea exactly what was done, though since then has heard the term genetic manipulation often. After she woke up, they again left her alone for a bout a week before bringing her into an exam room and laid her on the table, restraining her arms, legs, and head. And there was windigo, scalpel in hand, mirth and joy present in his eyes as leaned towards Katie and placed a shallow cut on her arm. It stung, but what amazed Katie and everyone in the room, was the cut healed almost instantly, only a drop of blood left to indicate something had happened.

So he tried a deeper cut, and deeper cut, and deeper until she couldn't help but scream over the pain. Another male doctor tried to intercede, to give her pain meds, but windigo wouldn't have it, wouldn't allow her that simply consolation. But he was done for the day and sent her back to the room where Katie curled up in a ball in the corner and cried even though she didn't want to.

They continued in this fashion, but after a few days it was apparent she wasn't healing as she used to. More tests were run and soon they were bringing Katie raw and cooked meat to eat. The sight of the raw caused her to throw up, but that didn't stop the staff. They blindfolded her and got her to eat, and to her surprise it tasted good. So her diet of mostly raw meat began, and was given often, depending on the type and amount of healing she needed.

They tried everything, they stabbed her, burned her, even cut off first a toe, working all they way up to a limb to see if she could heal and regenerate it. It took a little bit of time, but she healed and regenerated through it all. She probably would have come out of it with little to show except the emotional scars, but they discovered, after stabbing her arm and leaving the knife in for an hour, that her tissues and muscles would adhere to any object left in for too long. So they had to cut the knife out and allow her to heal, but instead of a clean heal a scar was left in its' place.

Great Spirit, lend me your strength
This is the life she's lived over the past four years, knowing nothing but pain, because no matter how much she screamed or how many times she fainted, windigo would allow no sedatives or pain meds. She knows its' only a matter of time before her usefulness runs out and they decide to do experiments involving her brain or cutting her head off, so she's much more determined to escape. The staff have recently been allowing her to mingle with other patients, hoping to coax her into speaking once more, or perhaps they feel guilty for the pain she has suffered. Either way, she still continues to live in her head, reliving her days with her family, keeping the stories alive, until she can find a way back home.


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