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you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

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Raven Hawthorn


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Dec 10 2014, 11:00 PM
November 18th 2014 || Place: Golden State University Library || Time: 10:30 AM
Weather: Slightly warm with overcasted skies

As she ran down the long hall with the carnage raining down behind her the bullets felt like hail stones and blood spread among the halls as things that seemed to be taht of brain matter and bones laid on the floor. It seemed to be moving on a downward slope as it all cascaded down behind her as she kept on running down the hallway trying to escape the hooror of it all. that was until she turned the corner and saw her mother and father in front of her like the living corpse of a zombie reaching out her and the sound of rushing wind coming out of their mouths . They reached as if to caress her in love or death and then the sound of loud annoyingly buzzing sounded ripping the time and space.

Luckily it was all just a nightmare as she sat up feeling clammy and that of cold sweat for she wasn't one for horrors hell she had a fascination of watching horror movies. Then again it was apart of her past as it were for she wasn't far from where they had been killed or was even in the earshot of their curdling screams. As well she was told about the details of what her parents had been done to them. It seemed that of course a witch hunter had killed her father, but the other might've been just a poor soul being controlled by a demon, even possibly the very one after her. Within the whole of it all she turned to look at the clock radio next to her bed and saw that she had forgotten to turn off her alarm because it was a short break for Thanksgiving and she had no one to really go to mostly cause her parents were killed and most of her relatives were across a mass expanse of sea. Also not to mention the homework that was given for that portion that was mostly because of a couple weeks after this it'd be midterms or also known as "Hell Week".

If only she had something in which to actually do for the holiday and it possibly would be good to make some friends here. Finally as she stood up and in looking at herself in the mirror she noticed that she needed to at least get ready for the day. it didn't take long as she got ready and now dressed in a crimson shirt and light blue pants as well with her usual footwear and her hair in a loose braid down her back. Sitting at her desk and looking at what she needed to get done promptly and what she could do without for the time being. this continued for only ten minutes which she put what papers and writing equipment that was necessary not to mention or forget her laptop as she left the apartment to go to the closely oriented library to find the information that she was looking for. As she was on the very block that the library was situated on when she saw a shadowy figure down on of the alleys it caught her eye and wondered what was going on and who was this person. that was her thought wave until she felt something in the iar as a hand grasped her shoulder.
Nov 13 2014, 08:19 PM
Secret Temptations

Date: 11.3.14 || place: Granite Cemetery || 10:30pm

Behind the lids which darkened eyelashes clash with the skin her amber eyes look onto something that isn't there quite yet as she grasps a locket which doesn't belong to her, but someone who is using blackmail. shattered glimpses brush her mind as she holds the object fast to her palm, within leading her from the safe confines of her apartment near the campus. Tryhing to make the glimpses of what she saw into a road map walked the beaten path towards a place which isn't so walked as she passed patrons of the night without knowing or acknoledging. It was finally not long maybe ten or twenty blocks as she came to a ironed fence with a stout gate with a chain surrounding it.

Looking upon it she wondered of what this guy wanted or needed from her, it had to of been something greatly needed to ask her for helpeven with the mandatorium on the supernaturals not showing themselves or at least not doing such things in the public eye which is partially why the trail led her to this place. An open hand palm facing the stone as a cold calm came over her. With concentrated gaze the lock slowly at will came undone it was only greatful that no one to her knowing was following her and watching her do such things. with the gate now unlocked and the chain surrounding the frame was slack, she put the object in question in her pocket and untangled the links with her ears tuned to anyone of wondering. In quick concession the gate was open and she was through even though still confused to why this person needed her.

If it was possible that this person thought she could raise corpses or maybe talk to the dead or anything it wasn't within her complete grasp of knowledge quite yet. for she was studying that among other things and just hadn't gotten to that kind of magic for it isn't quite common among her kind, or at least to her knowledge she didn't know and just assumed on good intentions that it was true. with cautious footsteps in feeling the familiar creaks of teh leather sheaths on her arms as well as the one down her spine and thighs. she was really careful to hide these things even though none was a firearm, but knives and one short sword. Now as she tried to concentrate again with her hand around the locket saw the cemetery and a row of graves near something that looked like a upside-down cross and at the foot of which was a plaque so carroded with time in the vision she couldn't make it out and so she started the initial physical search of the grave or graves in question...
May 28 2014, 11:58 AM

21| Female| Rebellion | Sorceress | Anna Paquin |Leo


HAIR: Darkened brown long locks of hair going down to her mid-back and is either down or in a fashionable style.

EYES: almond shaped Honey or brownish Hazel eyes.

BODY STYLE: Athletic

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She has a couple scars, one on her third finger from using in her spells and one on her left shoulder. She also has a couple tattoos one on her upper back of a pair of raven wings sprouting from the inner portion of her spine and going out to her shoulderblades. As well on her left ankle is a intricate design of two roses with thorny vines encircling the ankle. She also at times dyes her hair half of a color or in streaks. Another scar in which she hides was given to her in a fight of magical properties and is in the shape of a cross on her upper left arm.

A slightly athletic looking woman seeming like a wildfire of action with her slightly tanned skin and natural brunette hair even though at times she may or may not have it dyed usually red or varying colors. Seeming warm to those she sees with her honey brown hazel eyes that are able to take in so much of her surroundings. A beautiful face shaped like that of the moon with light touch up of makeup on it, a nice face to go with her curved tapered eyebrows.

She stands somewhere in the range of 5’5” and 5’7” and weighs around 120 to 130lbs. consisting of lean muscles from a lifetime of experiences. As her hair most of the time a natural coloring of a dark shade of brown she may at times give it white streaks or color it red at times as well, she may have it down or up most of the time. However, whenever she’s serious or thinking deeply she’ll put it in a fancy braiding so that no strand of hair is out of place.

As her body is nice and between slim and athletic its usually covered by a nice shirt or blouse that doesn’t fully show off certain things, but gives enough for guy's imaginations' to run with thanks to her medium chest and medium round hips. Most of the time she’ll wear something that shows off a little bit of her shoulders and collarbones as well. She is often described as somewhat stylish as well for that is one thing she likes to do is being up-to-date on certain brands and styles.

Her semi-stalky legs are usually covered by a pair of jeans but occasionally outfitted with a skirt to show off her slim legs along with a nice leather belt that is strong and hugs her waist while keeping her britches up. Finally she is usually known to wear leather boots with an alabaster looking heel in giving her the extra two or three inches that she wants. If she takes off her shirt and bra you’ll see that there are a pair of raven wings tattooed on her skin from the middle of her upper back to the edge of the shoulders where they connect to the arm for they are outstretched in flight, as well around her right ankle is another tattoo of two crossed roses in an “X” surrounded around with thorned vines.


Elementalist Able to manipulate the natural four elements that belond on the world. Those that are constantly mentioned with that of magic.As being part mythical being of the Phoenix she is able to manipulate and create the fire as well she is able to even travel in the form of fire. It sometimes at great intense emotions the fire seems to leach right out of her as of like a fire growing hotter. With Air it is her second best element able to use it to her will, not alike that of the fire, but still pretty adept at using it. Earth is a basic and easy thing to do and so she is able to extend herself with this power even if it isn't that great or important to her or even closely connected to her. Finally her least favorite and weakest of elements even though still well adept at using it she isn't quite liking to it. Partially because of it being the opposite of fire and second because it signifies the cold which again she isn't quite liking to.

Extrasensory: Whatever person or thing she is confronted with something seems to be felt in her head, its like seeing through a haze or mist even. She is able to know of what magical or mythical specie they are and approx. their own age.

Touch Telepathy: Able to touch any object in which unknown to her own will doesn't know if its going to be the past or the future taht she sees within her mind.

Healing Tears: Only rarely happens to her when emotions get out of her control and is connected to someone or some animal it pulls at her. As such because of her mother's lineage if pulled with an emotional connection to something that is living and becomes either distraught, frustrated, or even depressingly sad her tears have healing capabilities in them. However she can only heal something or someone if she is looking over the thing and her tears fall on their skin.


General Personality
A fiery passionate young woman of only twenty-one who likes to have a life with no regrets or lack of an experience, she likes to show that she isn’t made out of glass. She also loves the thirst for knowledge in which the more she knows the more she’ll understand things of the world. Liking life and wanting danger at times she still has flaws to her namesake. For to name a few she is not to good at a convincing lie, she’s very afraid of heights even though she doesn’t like admitting it, and a weakness for horror films. However not all of it is bad either because everything in moderation is good for the soul.

She was brought up in knowing that everything around her can be used as a weapon and so she is quite resourceful from obtaining information, scouting her surroundings, and even noticing the subtle facial and body movements, and top it all off she has magik. However there are some turn-offs that she hates from other people for instance she isn’t too keen on that of older people cause that makes her think of down the road and by extension bringing on depressed thoughts that she doesn’t like instead of thinking of the usual carpe’deum. For her feelings and emotions are tied to her magik and that kind of thinking of despair isn’t good to have nether is anger or rage.

Even though she is at times not truly in control of her emotions she tries to reign them in before things of huge consequence come to bare and having to bite her on the ass in the possible future. When she’s either anxious or trying to hide something she may tend to fiddle with something or at times try to hard to conceal things when they don’t need to be and bringing more drama to the table than is natural. Therefore she tries to hold everything together for fear of something that may or may not happen and when it does happen she’ll attempt in circling the wagons or clearing it up the best she can. Always optimistic and semi-social, with some she may seem well reserved and observant and with others it may seem like she’s shy when she is actually just being wary of her surroundings. Be careful around her for she also has a minor weakness for sharp things and might be concealing them on her as well, but if you want to know how good she is with using them than go ahead and get on her bad side to find out.


FIRE | She likes the different colors that come from it and of what many uses it can be used for.

FUN | She likes to go out on the town if she can manage it and loves the action that is required, she is also up for thrills and danger.

ROCK MUSIC| She is in love with all the different sub-genres of the rock, from the calm soft hits to the hard and rapid metal, if its rockin’ she’s in to it!

TRAVELING | She hasn’t done much in learning the areas and so she is all for going small or great distances, whether its in a car, a plane, or even a train.

CAFFEINE |If it doesn’t have the word “Diet” or has Aspertaine then she’s all for it from soda to energy drinks, cause really sometimes you need a little bit of a pep up!


WITCH HUNTERS |Some are quite stupid and can’t tell the difference between good and evil witches and sorceresses and just attack without knowing what or who they’re actually attacking.

COLD SEASONS | there’s a difference from things being just a tad chilly and then you have colder than cold, in as which she has no love nor liking of it.

MEN | Sure guys are usually nice to be around and yet ever so recently they’ve become so obsessed with sex and necessity of their own that it is impossible to find a naturally good guy in the world.

STUPIDITY | From current commercials to certain shows that are supposed to be good as well as songs, well knowledge is better than stupidity. As well a person by themselves can be smart however people can be stupid.

NEEDLES |It isn’t that she can’t stand them or fear them its just that pricking yourself with a sharp object just for scientific reasons isn’t her strong suit she just isn’t quite for liking them.


RESOURCEFULNESS | She has the ability to have the resources and the know how as well as being aware of ones’ surroundings’. She also knows what is possible to do in a situation and who can or can’t be saved.

COURAGE | Most think that being brave is also being courageous, however courage and selflessness are one and the same’ in other words not only the courage to be brave, but also the courage to know when you can’t do something without consequences.

MAGIK | she has always been able to use her magik for good and not for personal gain for that always came with a price and certain consequences’ As well she has tried to stay vigilant in toeing the line between light and dark.


ACHROPHOBIA | Even though not wanting to show it to everyone she is clearly afraid of heights, but those who do know she would throttle them before they told a soul.

COURAGE | Even though most think that bravery and courage is a strength they fail to see that it is also a derivative of Pride in which can blind even the strongest to thinking they are doing good.

HORROR FILMS | She has always been fascinated with the films of horror as well as other things in that category, especially the older stuff.


To be a successful sorceress without all of the scars or major consequences.
Be able to know things and have the gut to act upon them.
Be able to hide or face all of her fears so much that they aren’t used against her.


Achrophobia: Even though she doesn’t like admitting it or showing that she is afraid of it, there is still no doubt that she’s a little paranoid about heights.

End of Life: It is the most popular and most feared thing of, not only the fear of the end of your own life, but of others and by extension the end of the world as we know it.

Emotional Distress: It stems from her magik and emotions being tethered together and so she is afraid of the possibility that she will become distraught and unable to bridle her emotions and so she is always careful when it comes to stress thus she has a few good stress relievers.


Born: Manchester, England; UK. At 12:07am.
DOB:7/7/93 | birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona; USA

It all started when a Russian national went to the town of Manchester in England and came by a woman so strikingly beautiful American. It seemed that possibly a supermodel because of how glamorous she was made up to be. They soon decided to get hitched on October 17, 1987. It would also be the day that they would start their very own family. They lived there for at least five years in which they concieved a baby girl who was born on July 7th 1993. With increased labor going into the night and being rubbish on the mother to be when finally the hour that was most precious to those who did magic. Out popped Raven Angeloz Paige Hawthorn at 12:07 in the morning.

Soon after her father had been given the chance to work in America in which things would go for the better for them. Mostly because there wasn’t much historically done in this year at least in that of battle or war. Still he transferred and did his work on welding metals among other things. It was quite possible that they would become rich that is until he brought his little girl to work to see what he did and the fire became extremely hotter than it needed to be as in result the project that he was working on he had given the torch to his daughter with him holding onto it asking her to put her hands atop his own to feel the experience it was then that it got hotter and hotter until it broke and the fire exploded outward. It was because of that incident he would be transferred to Phoenix, Arizona with a souvenir from that explosion. In which would be Ravens’ childhood home, they would still be successful however not as much as he thought he would be for one thing the incident was on his watch and the minor explosion mangled a third of his face.

They raised her greatly as she came into her own in this barren place where the earth joined the future of dial-up connections, electricity, and among other things that would become the beginning of the twentieth century. She was always healthy in her lifespan and that was without medication or anything of the sort and it bothered her. At the age of three she had gotten up on the roof without knowing she had even done it in the first place. She also found out that she could jump higher, run longer, swim farther, and even climb higher than your average human child, which made her wonder about her own lineage. It was then revealed that her mother was a mythical being known as a Phoenix and her father a sorcerer. It would come as a complete shock to a five year old for that would be when she’d get the answers that she needed to know.

It was also the spring of that same year being 1998 when she would have one of her major revisits of her chaotic unskilled magic. She was in the playground of her elementary school and a bunch of other children who knew she was a freak would chase her around throwing pebbles, rocks, and clearly stones at her just because she wasn’t exactly normal. In her anxiety of getting out of their reach by throwing or even grabbing at her she scrambled straight up to the tiptop point of one of the closest trees and was lifted by the wind in being planted right on the roof. Of course her parents were called on the incident and yet not every detail was explained. However it would also be known to her that she was totally afraid of heights, but didn't let it show to anyone else.

Still it caught the attention of something so foul that it wasn’t welcomed in certain circles without some kind of concealment or disguise. As well her parents thought that things would start to be difficult for her so they sent her one summer in 1999 to a summer camp for gifted students. It would be the place to hone her unknown gifts as well as being protected, although it would also be the next time for one of her unexplained power mishaps. It would come to be that looking down from a high spot overlooking a dropoff into the lake, it would be her fear of heights once again that'd press her powers out again. She tried to look away and yet was captivated by the fear and the setting sun the water would rise in many geysers without her knowing that she could do such a thing sending her even more over the edge of fear.

During this summer she was able to do what she wanted and not be afraid of others seeing her for she wasn’t the only freak at that place. It was somewhere still in Arizona where the nature seemed to try to reclaim the land, it seemed as well that she was definite in wanting to get rough and tough with about everyone and everything. For she was apparently a tomboy and acted like it when she wasn’t having to put on an act for civilized world. It was also understandable that this camp was a place for young magik users to be trained on things that would or will aid them in the real world.

She would continue at this summer camp for at least three or four summers when she’d be unable to be taught anything more cause of the fact that she had always learned naturally at a faster pace, not super fast but it gave her an edge to learn what she needed to learn. Then she’d return for her twelfth birthday in which she had been doing good with controlling her powers over fire and among other things. She’d have someone to be around her when she woke up and after school for work for her father had been getting much better and her mother seemed to be getting even more busy with the Art classes that being mostly teaching Ceramics and for the students to express themselves with the other noticable forms of modern art.

Therefore one night in the beginning of the fall and only a few days before she’d return to school would be alone with someone who had been paid for some minor help with her. Still that was when she’d go out to the woodshed to gather some for a campfire they were having in the backyard, the emotions of what was to come and possibly what problems would be about her once again. Her emotions got away from her and the fire within came lashing out at the wood and the building itself lighting it up like a roman candle as the earth became erupting in clumps as well as the winds around keeping all of the debris from getting loose it was lucky that she had some control over her rash raw emotion. Surprisingly enough she would also find out that the person who was caring for her was indeed also a witch and so was able to teach Raven a few small tricks in order to keep herself from getting out of control and the magic getting away from her as well.

They started to home school her instead, this time not to cover things about magic however that of regular schoolwork. Except there would be instances around the area when her father or nanny would give her a task to do in order to keep control of her emotions and the magic. First it was something easy and then it became ever so slowly more difficult because they didn’t want to tax her too much. At times when she’d become frustrated however and was crying, if the tears would fall on something cut or not dead although not entirely at full health her tears would heal them.

It was now the year 2005 and she would be showing the curves and signs of womanhood with that of middle school starting it was quite interesting that she was able to keep everything from spilling out which it did at times and would be usually therapeutic and helpful to other tasks. It wasn’t like they were treating her as a science experiment or giving her tons of work and not doing any of their own weight, no there was plenty to do out there for it was out of town in seeming like a farm, so there was ways for her to work out her frustration or anger on the task at hand. Although all of this display of her power and abilities still tugged on this thing, this creature that wanted her for either its master or for its own gain. Upon all things it was a greater demon of power who wanted the ability of the phoenix or of the fire that was to help do what he wanted in the world.

She would in time get used to her magic and make it seem like she was one of those usual humans if you didn’t get her out of her element and made her break her concentration. Which wasn’t that many times because when awake she could restrain those kind of emotions however when either tired or actually sleeping her control wouldn’t be so good. Enrolling into High school the fall of her fifteenth birthday and succeeded in getting good grades and doing stuff that one wouldn’t be possible of if in her own shoes and took a few college credited classes, which combined with her minor social graces and the edge that she had on others. In being able to be good at everything. At least she thought for she was strong in being able to hold the fire element however not with its nemesis of the water element and was apart of her weakness magically. She however tried not to show it for that wasn’t her style of showing her weaknesses or wearing her heart fully on her sleeves. Nothing else big happened except for the fact of her loving her classes and such in which she would also gain a few close friends within that span of her life getting close to her and acting like normal humans even if she was not.

The worst was yet to come however and it would break her heart into not trusting many or even afraid of loving someone fully once again as her boyfriend Bruce Wagner and her would be taking a holiday trip to a small place just to be alone and something from her past would come back to bite her in the butt. As they were coming to a bridge overlooking a valley with a river in the middle spance she got a pain in her stomach of something not right in the area, but before she could warn him and before they’d get to the bridge. It started to seem like nothing until it was in the middle and over the river that the demon who wanted her so dearly would strike making the entire bridge collapse into millions of pieces. At first from the side that they got onto the bridge it spread to the middle portion that would be weakened completely. She couldn’t fully see where the guy was however she knew that it was him who had done this. However the bridge would fall into pieces, the car would go down with it tumbling side over side combining with the pieces of rubble when the end would possibly come for her and the next thing was she was on the other side of the bridge perfectly safe sitting on the asphalt and the car as well as her love dead in the rubble. This would also propel her to do whatever she could do to aid others weaker and try to not draw much attention to herself either, for if that Son of a makathra found her she would try her damnest to give him a reckoning for doing what he or she had done to her. Graduating she would go to the university of Las Vegas and take mostly classes on “The Arts” which would also in not that long the guy would try to end her life once again, and she without thinking of it fully wrapping her mind around the idea she transferred to Golden Gate University and is currently enrolled there.

Majoring: The Arts | Golden Gate University
San Francisco, Ca.|Single

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