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you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

alias here
you talk about yourself here. the things on top are for you to link to your characters' profiles, and i guess choose your favorite face claim for the big images!

also, if you go on for too long, this will scroll and that's pretty legit tbh

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Danielle Turner


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Nov 5 2014, 09:57 PM
DATE: October 1st
TIME: 5 pm
PLACE: One of the many parks

“Gentle reader, may you never feel what I then felt! May your eyes never shed such stormy, scalding, heart-wrung tears as poured from mine. May you never appeal to Heaven in prayers so hopeless and so agised as in that hour left my lips: for never may you, like me, dread to be the instrument of evil to what you wholly love.”

― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Danielle's eyes closed shut as she leaned the open book against her chest, her back resting somewhat comfortably against the large, shady tree she had placed herself under. Her rear end was starting to protest after having sat for so long, her legs begging to be stretched from their bent position which served as a place to rest the book. She moved her hands from holding the book open to rest on the books cover, one atop the other to keep the book close to her chest as a few tears found their way over the brim of her eyelid and down her cheek.

She couldn't help the few tears that had fell, she had read this book so many times, and without fail, this particular part always brought tears to her eyes. Jane Eyre was one of her favorite books of all time, in fact her favorite romance, and no matter how many times she read it, she enjoyed every part anew. Because even though she knew love of this kind was meant for ficitonal tales, a part of her, that hopeless romantic part, couldn't help hoping that one day she'd come across her own knight in shining armor so to speak. And as for her particular fondness of Jane Eyre, she happened to identify with the heroine, seeing herself equally as plain and having a need of adventure.

She quickly wiped the traces of tears from her face, the book once more leaned against her legs while her nose and eyes swiftly dropped to the open pages, her gaze moving rapidly back and forth as her mind soaked in all the story had to offer, time continuing to slip away from her as she once more immersed herself in Jane's world.
Apr 21 2014, 09:57 PM
Date: April 5th, 2014
Time: 1:30 pm
Location:Local music shop

Various city life sounds composed of cars whizzing by, horns honking, people exchanging conversation as they meandered down the street, and the occasional bicycle bell encompassed Danielle as she stood just outside the storefront, her gaze darting from the establishments name to the post it note she held in her hand. She was pretty sure the chicken scratch on the paper matched the name of the store and it was obvious it was a music store by the window display so even if it wasn’t the right one it was more than adequate for her needs.

The past week, and honestly the whole semester, had been a big letdown for Danielle. She had gone to school knowing exactly what she wanted to do for a career, but now that all her science classes were boring her to the point she couldn’t pay attention and her homework was finished begrudgingly and usually the night before, she was seriously rethinking her major and career choice. Things had reached an all-time low when she’d received the rough draft of her semester paper back and where she was used to seeing A’s had seen a D, the comments stating something along the lines that she had not included enough information to reach the paper’s page limit and did not completely follow the template for a science paper. She was so embarrassed, she made a quick exit from the classroom, averting her gaze and attention from everyone and had managed to contain her feelings until she’d reached her room.

To say she needed a pick me up was an understatement. She would have given anything to have a dance class to look forward to, but since she had neglected to continue her dancing in favor of her studies, she reasoned a music store was the next best thing. She loved hearing beautiful notes and melodies being produced by people and their instruments and was even a bit envious of those that had the patience and discipline and well, time to learn such a craft. So she’d asked a few local students if they knew of any local music stores that people often practiced or received lessons in and she’d received the post it note she now held in her hand.

Her sunglass clad gaze still locked on the building, she shoved the paper into the front pocket of her jean shorts, first having to move the hem of her bright yellow, short sleeved, V-neck shirt out of the way. For a moment she considered returning to her dorm, collecting her hurt pride and work on fixing the paper, but she could hear someone playing and knew her decision was made. Her chocolate brown sneakers carried her through the front entrance and into a musician’s dream.

Her hand quickly swooped her sunglasses from the bridge of her nose to the top of her head, sweeping her brown, curly ringlets back from her face. She hungrily took it all in; the instruments, the few people walking around, and after quickly assuring a store clerk she was just browsing, was delighted to hear someone practicing a guitar. It was just what she needed, a few songs to help her forget, at least for a little bit, the things weighing on her mind.

Danielle didn’t want to seem like a crazy person, so she took her time wandering the space, perusing the gorgeous instruments until she was staring at a display of drums, the lone guitar player just off to her left. She snuck a few glances over at the male and noticed he seemed unsure at times, hesitant as if he needed to take a second to remember the right chord. A warm smile slid across her face as she reasoned he must still be learning which raised her opinion of him high even though she’d never met him. In fact, he didn’t seem too much older than her, she mused while her eyes continued their dance between the male and the drums. If she did want to learn to play an instrument someday, she would have liked to pick someone’s brain that had started learning once out of school. With a deep breath, she turned her sneakers in his direction and had just opened her mouth to say hi when something small came flying towards her eye. “Ow!” she interjected as her hand moved to her right eye, her eyes closed shut in reaction to the foreign object. Great, she thought, just what I needed.
Jan 29 2014, 11:23 PM
Date:August 27th
Time: 6:00pm
Location: CAB

Danielle smiled broadly as she headed for the CAB which was hosting game night during orientation week. The first few days were a whirlwind; meeting new people, excitement quickly replacing fears of starting somewhere new and so far from home, and making sure she was prepared for when classes started. She had enjoyed the activities so far but was looking forward to tonight the most. She absolutely loved board and tabletop games ranging from the usual Clue and Monopoly and even to some lesser known games like Carcassonne and Unspeakable Words. And let’s not forget card games. She was hoping to find some people who knew how to play Euchre since it was a favorite past time from where she grew up and so far she had not met anyone who knew what the game was let alone played it.

She’d opted for something comfortable; a pair of dark denim jeans that looked nice but didn’t cling to her like a second skin, a navy blue tank top with a maroon and dark blue flannel, short sleeve, button up shirt over it and thanks to the pleasant evening, the shirt was unbuttoned to allow the soft breeze work its’ way beneath the tank top and shirt causing it lift slightly. Her frizzy yet curly hair was down for the moment, but she had a hair tie around her wrist just in case she’d need it.

Once inside, it wasn’t hard to find the room housing the event and she was happy to see people already there. The majority seemed to have already dived into a few games while a few stragglers circled the snack table or watched the games with interest. Those hosting the event welcomed her, gave her a brief recap of what was there and told her to help herself and jump right in. Danielle thanked them with a bright smile and found her way over to the snack table. She had caught chocolate out of the corner of her eye and there was no way she could pass that up. Grabbing a small plastic plate, she grabbed a few goodies and moved over to peruse the games not being used at the time. She was a little surprised at the abundance and variety of selections and sure enough there were a couple decks of cards. So she stood, chocolate chip cookie in one hand while balancing the plate in the other, her attention focused on the games at hand.
Jan 27 2014, 09:18 PM

19 | Female | Civilian | Magi | Emmy Rossum | Neph

Danielle’s bubbly, open, and caring attitude is nothing if not contagious. Compassion and laughter are the pinnacles of this hopeless romantics’ pyramid of ideals to the point that she feels guilty if she upsets anyone. Her desire to make people laugh and enjoy themselves leads to her often serving as the catalyst for a good time, even if it has people questioning her sanity. True she can seem crazy at times but the respect for rules and authority ingrained into her being keeps her from going too crazy.

Love and compassion are etched deeply in her and are found in almost everything she does. She is quick to think good of everyone and it takes quite a bit for her to change this view of someone. She enjoys helping people when and in any way she can which unfortunately has led to her being used, but that doesn’t stop her from turning around and doing it again.

As far as appearance goes, Danielle isn’t big on fashion or makeup. Comfort over fashion is her way of thinking. She’s usually found in jeans and a hoodie and no makeup at all. Part of it is indifference, but she’s also found that dressing up occasionally and using makeup sparingly leads to turning that many more heads when you do.

-making people laugh
-table top games
-lazy days

-being cold
-heels (the shoes)


Danielle is only an apprentice in the art of magic and due to this only has a few spells in her arsenal, but the ones she does have are quickly becoming second nature to her and with the school’s help, she hopes to become even more powerful.

All magi learn how to cast a Merlin’s circle and Danielle is no different. While in it, she uses her wand as a focus item to channel her spells. She has advanced to the place of using hand magic but it only works on her healing ability and those tightly linked to water.

Arcane spells are something all magi are familiar with, but some things differ as what is used to aid the person, how well they carry out the spell, and so on. At this time, Danielle uses herbs most proficiently, but for the most part needs to have the written spell in front of her to use. Some smaller ones that she’s used often have burned into her mind, but the longer ones and those not used often will always cause her to reference the spell over and over to get it right.

Water is the element that flows through Danielle freely. It drives her to seek different paths when one is closed off and helps her to yield to outside forces without giving all of herself. She is able to perform some interesting manipulation of water such as causing it to leap from a glass (it was funny to her at the time it happened) and one major deal of changing the temperature of a small body of water. Granted the biggest amount of water she changed was a full bathtub, but she continues to practice this. Blessings are often cast on someone with the belief that the person will benefit. Unfortunately, not everyone may seem the blessing as well a blessing. Because of this, Danielle has practiced with some blessings, mostly ones that produce calm in others, but hasn’t cast in on anyone unknowingly to them.

Not her favorite part of the craft, Danielle is able to practice divination through tea leaves, but she learned early on that what she interprets as a certain shape, someone else could see something else and since futures change so quickly, she doesn’t put any weight into the act.
Danielle is studying to be a scientist and has had many interests in the field including botany. She has her own book of potions, passed down from her mother, but has only had a hand at mixing some of the recipes. She has many more to try and practice.

Danielle’s ability to heal is oddly specific. She is able to draw infection out of a person though there are particulars that must be followed as she learned earlier on. As this was potentially dangerous to her, her mother made sure they concentrated on improving it as much as possible.

As a mental shield, Danielle creates what appears as a watery crown sitting on her brow that can shield her mind from mental attacks. This ability is still weak and even though she knows it would be in her best interest to work on it, it’s not her favorite.

Through the use of water or any reflective surface, Danielle is able to create a portal. She is still learning how to get this spell right, and has had her share of mishaps with this spell (like getting stuck in a mirror, don’t ask.)


Danielle is an only child born to Faye and Nicholas Turner. What they couldn’t provide in monetary items, they more than made up for in love and encouragement. Born on August 23rd, she was instantly the apple of her father’s eye. He instilled his love of books and learning into her and she hung on his every word. Nick was her hero, protector, and playmate for whatever she dreamed up. Her dad may have been her hero, but her mom was her rock. Faye taught Danielle to love with her whole heart, fill life with laughter, and never be ashamed of whom you are. Faye and Nicholas loved each other and their daughter dearly, even if they didn’t always get along.

Danielle had a happy childhood growing up in a small neighborhood called Newark located about an hour from Chicago, Illinois. And by small we’re talking no traffic lights, children can run around town safely, and everyone knows everyone else’s’ business, small. Danielle loved the little town. She loved to spend hours with her friends at the Crick or riding her bike to the lone gas station for ice cream. Its’ proximity to the Windy City suited her just fine, loving the trips to the Museum of Science and Industry and Lincoln Park Zoo.

Danielle’s intelligence and outgoing personality made her school days easy going. She had her share of mild bullying but nothing physical. She was friendly to everyone in her class and never really cared about fitting in. She liked who she was and was accepted by her closest friends which worked just fine for her.

Magic was an integral part of her life early on. Her mother kept her magic a secret to everyone but her family and a few friends who helped complete circle rituals. Her magic allowed her to manipulate the earth to the point flowers would brighten under her touch, stubborn blossoms would suddenly bloom, and roots would take hold in places they wouldn’t before. Danielle was in awe of her and made sure to be near whenever Faye practiced her craft. Faye never shooed her away, encouraging her to watch and learn all she could, but would never allow her to witness a circle ritual until she was older.
As much as magic was intertwined into her life, Danielle didn’t show any magic ability. Her mother believed, and was somewhat hopeful, that Danielle hadn’t inherited the power to use magic. The only time Faye questioned her theory was when it rained. Danielle seemed to come alive the minute rain began to hit the earth. She would race outside twirling and dancing in great circles, tilting her face skyward and smiling as wide as possible. Danielle would sometimes sit for over an hour in this weather, and when asked what she was doing, she would smile and say “Feeling the rain”. Faye simply dismissed this as part of her daughter’s spirit.

Adolescence and High School
Finally, at the age of thirteen, Danielle’s magic began to surface. Ask anyone in her family, they can recall the event in detail. A friend and fellow closeted witch brought her injured cat to Faye asking her to heal it. The wound on the cat’s leg wasn’t deep and should have healed quickly, but the woman explained it had been open for a week. Faye agreed to heal the poor animal and asked Danielle to assist. The three women headed to the bathroom where Faye laid the cat on top of a towel on the bathroom floor. She had Danielle fetch bandaging and asked her to hold the cat’s leg still. Her mother spent five minutes on the wound before explaining to her friend there was nothing she could do. The wound had become infected and she would have to take the animal to a vet. Danielle couldn’t help feeling sorry for the cat as she firmly held its’ leg, wrapping it with a clean bandage. Within seconds, her hand began to burn and she quickly dropped the cat’s half-bandaged leg so she could inspect her hand. This did not escape her mother’s notice and she was instantly at her daughter’s side inspecting her hand. Danielle stuttered out what had happened, clearly surprised by the event, as her mother’s brow furrowed in thought. Finding no visible injury, Faye moved to inspect the cat’s wound. Her eyes widened slightly as she stared at the infection weeping out of the injury and collecting on the bandage. Faye smiled softly before rising and swiftly grabbing towels. She returned to her daughter’s side and exhaled loudly before diving into an explanation while she deftly removed the animal’s bandage. Danielle was in slight shock while her mother took her hands and placed them on either side of the wound. She softly explained to Danielle that she had to resist the urge to tear away when her hands grew hot and picture the infection rising to the opening. Danielle was in disbelief and a little scared but her mother coached her the whole time, softly encouraging her to concentrate. Danielle began to feel the burn in her hands and closed her eyes tight to deepen her concentration. The next she knew, he mother was coaxing Danielle to open her eyes. She’d done it. The cat was free of infection and she had played a part. Her mother smiled brightly, patting her on the shoulder as she left to toss the soiled towels into the fire place. On her return, she easily healed the cat’s leg and handed it over to her friend.

Danielle couldn’t believe it. After all that time, her magic was finally showing its’ face. After seeing her friend out, swearing said friend to secrecy as payment for healing the cat, Faye returned to her daughter wrapping her in a huge hug. She explained that now Danielle would have to learn how to harness her magic. When her father came home that evening, Danielle couldn’t help but excitedly tell him the whole of the event. When she was finished, her father looked grieved and worried before he hurried to find her mother. Following close on his heels, they all sat down and discussed how this could impact Danielle’s life. It was quickly decided that no one would know save the three of them and Faye’s close friend who had witnessed the event. Her parents wanted to protect her and if she decided later in life that people could know about her abilities that was her choice.

Thus began Danielle’s magi training and her eighth grade year of school. She was able to balance the two and even graduated top of her class. Her mother allowed her to view a closed circle ritual and their family’s book of spells as a reward for her efforts. The summer before high school was filled with what her mother considered basic training i.e. learning how to respect the five elements upon which their magic was based. But they quickly discovered the Danielle’s magic was different than her mother’s and when the young girl accidentally stuck her hand through a mirror which turned fluid under her touch, her mother was the one to describe she thought Danielle might be a mage and they would do what they could to work on her talents. During this time was when Danielle’s affinity for the element water was first witnessed.

The overall gist of Faye’s training included focusing on one element at a time, respectfully asking for their assistance, perform a simple spell, and lastly thanking the element for its’ aide. Fire and air were next difficult, often taking twice as long to “convince” the elements to aide her but happily that amount of time is dwindling. Earth responded in the manner she expected it to and it continues to do so. Water was a surprise, to say the least, and merits telling.

By the time they reached water, Danielle had already come in contact with earth and air so she was fairly optimistic. Her mother gave her a simple spell, causing water levels to rise and ebb, and had her practice with a tub located in their basement. Faye encouraged her daughter to dip one hand into the water believing the closer you are in contact with the element the easier it is to commune with it. Danielle followed her mother’s instruction by plunging her hand into the tub of freezing cold water. Danielle’s eyes widened in surprise, sucking in her breath, as she fought to keep her hand in the water. Her mind focused on one thing, wishing and wanting the water to be warmer, and soon she realized it was. Danielle focused her perplexed gaze on her mother as she dipped her other hand in the water to make sure it wasn’t all in her mind. The water was luke-warm to her touch but she asked her mother to test it as well just to be sure. Faye confirmed that the water was warm before she rushed into a discussion with Danielle about what it could mean. For the rest of the summer, Danielle interacted with the other two elements as well as working with water any chance she got. She meditated often, hoping to increase the efficiency of the spells she knew. Time flew by and before she knew it, school had started up again.

High school was a busy time for Danielle. She tried many different sports and clubs, continued to keep her grades high, and work on her magic whenever possible. Her personality flourished in this environment and she was well liked. Now she wasn’t popular, just well known as someone who was kind and wasn’t afraid to break with traditional social groups in order to socialize with everyone. The label stamped onto Danielle from day one was nerd due to her love of reading, her intellect, and various other miscellaneous reasons too numerous to list. She bore her label proudly and enjoyed spending time with her closest friends or fellow nerds. Time flew too fast, and soon Danielle began to apply to colleges. She applied to three different ones, was accepted and decided to attend Golden Gate University to pursue a biology degree and where she could learn more about her particular branch of magic that was so different from her mothers. High school graduation came with Danielle once again at the top of her class and summer looming before her. Her parents decided she should learn to defend herself, just in case, in this next chapter of her life. Her mother set to training her in the basement every day, casting timidly harmful spells her way, encouraging Danielle to defend herself. It took many weeks, and many injuries, until Danielle was able to erect a barrier to deflect the minor harmful spells.

And now she’s here at the University, excited and a bit scared at the same time, waiting to see what the next day will bring.


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